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It’s because of the exemplary power of FREEDOM and Jeremy Griffith’s other work on the human condition that I've been inspired to open this World Transformation Movement Centre here in Toronto.

FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith - available from the World Transformation Movement

So I encourage you to read this amazing book and if you're so inclined, please contact me here and let us know how you feel—because I think reading Jeremy's work will make you wish you had read it years and years ago! And hopefully if you feel the way I do, you'll also want to be involved in the World Transformation Movement and the transformation of your heart and mind that it makes possible.

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Please note, because we have limited resources of funds and volunteer staff we may not respond to questions or criticisms already prominently answered on the WTM’s comprehensive website at, where its many freely available books, essays and FAQs can be easily searched electronically.