The Science

Jeremy Griffith’s revolutionary ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation provides the much needed road map for the transformation of the world.

The first concept in understanding the human condition is relatively easy to grasp. Like all living creatures, our species must once have been instinctively controlled, but then we evolved a conscious mind capable of understanding cause and effect—and ever since our conscious mind has been in a wrestling match with our original instinctive orientations for the control of our lives. It is this conflict that is the cause of our human condition.

This is because our intellect began to experiment in understanding as the only means of discovering the correct and incorrect understandings for managing existence, but the instincts—being in effect ‘unaware’ or ‘ignorant’ of the intellect’s need to carry out these experiments—‘opposed’ any understanding-produced deviations from the established instinctive orientations: they ‘criticized’ and ‘tried to stop’ the conscious mind’s necessary search for knowledge.

Obviously, the intellect could not afford to ‘give in’ to the instincts, but unable to understand and thus explain why its independent experiments in self-adjustment were necessary it had no way of refuting the implicit criticism from the instincts even though it was unjust. Until our conscious mind found the redeeming understanding of why it had to challenge the instincts—namely the understanding found by science of the difference in the way genes and nerves process information, that one is an orientating learning system while the other is an insightful learning system—our intellect was left having to endure the resistance, the unjust condemnation, from our instincts, leaving it no choice but to somehow defy that opposition from our instincts. And the only forms of defiance available to our conscious intellect were to attack the instincts’ unjust criticism, try to deny or block from our mind the instincts’ unjust criticism, and attempt to prove our instincts’ unjust criticism wrong. In short, the psychologically upset angry, alienated and egocentric human-condition-afflicted state appeared. Our ‘conscious thinking self’, which is the dictionary definition of ‘ego’, became ‘centred’ or focused on the need to justify itself. We became ego-centric, self-centred or selfish, preoccupied with aggressively competing for opportunities to prove we are good and not bad—we unavoidably became selfish, aggressive and competitive.

It was an extremely unfair and difficult, indeed tragic, position for humans to find themselves in, for we can see that while we were good we appeared to be bad and had to endure the horror of our psychologically distressed, upset condition until we found the real defence or reason for our ‘mistakes’. Basically, suffering psychological upset was the price of our heroic search for understanding.

Understanding the cause of our condition, and thus freeing ourselves of this suffering, then is THE key to our future and will open the floodgates to the enormous potential in humans that has been stifled. A whole new world will suddenly open up for the human race—because if the conscious mind is nature’s greatest invention, which it surely is, and it had to suffer living with unjust ‘criticism’ from our instincts over the some 2 million years we have been conscious, then we humans must be the absolute heroes of the story of life on Earth!

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